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Energy Link is an electrical contracting company specializing in commercial, retail, and industrial projects. Located in Downey, we are proud to serve Southern California and the Los Angeles area, providing safe, reliable electrical installation and service to a wide range of businesses, industries, and homes.

With over 25 years of experience, our team has the knowledge and skills to properly install commercial and industrial electrical systems, ensuring businesses and industries have enough power in the right places to maintain operations for decades to come.

It’s our dedication to quality service that makes us exceptional. Everyday, at every project, we strive to serve the needs of our clients and customers, from major commercial construction companies to individual business and home owners. We do what it takes to ensure innovative services and reliable efficiency on every project, with the ultimate goal of building lasting relationships with everyone we serve.

To maintain our status as a leading-edge electrical contractor, we associate with the most advanced professional organizations in the industry. We are proud members of the American Subcontractors Association, which is dedicated to improving the construction industry and enhancing the business environment for clients and contractors. We are also active members with the National Fire Protection Association, a global nonprofit that is dedicated to providing fire-elimination training and information.

Please contact Energy Link today to learn more about our advanced electrical services. We would be proud to serve your needs and ensure you have a safe, reliable electrical system for years to come.

Give us a call at 562-291-2390 or send an email and let us know how we can serve your electrical needs!

Recent Projects
Yummy.com Los Angeles, CA Yummy.com Los Angeles, CA
MOD Pizza Downey, CA and Fontana, CA MOD Pizza Downey, CA and Fontana, CA
Maxstudio.com Irvine Spectrum, CA Maxstudio.com Irvine Spectrum, CA
LA Gauge Company Sun Valley, CA LA Gauge Company Sun Valley, CA
Coach Citadel Outlet Commerce, CA Coach Citadel Outlet Commerce, CA
Energy Link Electrical, Inc. Professional Organizations
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