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Welcome to Matthew Bowe Design/Build LLC

Mission Statement
At Matthew Bowe Design/Build LLC our mission is to transform the way homeowners experience the home building and remodeling process. In collaboration with Matthew Bowe Design/Build LLC, each client will discover that the entire process, from concept to completion, can be fun, exciting and very fulfilling. We endeavor to provide comprehensive professional services that result in well planned, well executed construction projects that exceed our clients' expectations.

Our philosophy is very simple. We believe that excellent workmanship is the minimum that every homeowner deserves. We fill the role as a trusted advisor providing each homeowner our best guidance when it comes to project design, budget management, project specifications and the specific methods of construction and installation. At the end of our projects we know we have succeeded when the client welcomes us in their home. We ensure that the way we conduct each project and each relationship results in a successful outcome every time.

What Clients Are Saying About Matthew Bowe Design/Build LLC

“I’d like to add yet one more name to your outstanding sub list. Jeff (the drywaller) has been very good around the family. He and Oliver and Zachary have swapped wrestling stories (Jeff’s son wrestles) and he has been amazingly patient with Andy and Mary talking his ear off about the same things over and over and over … ( the joys of 2 and 4 year olds). As I have said before, people like this in your line of work are priceless. We necessarily open our home and expose our families to “strangers” during this process. Having people that you feel comfortable with around our home is worth more that the work itself. Given the fact that the vast majority of your team has been this way, it’s no doubt that this is part of your selection process. Nan and I thank you for this and will continue to do so.”
Mike and Nan G., Purcellville, VA
''Thank you Matt. As I have said before, you are all amazing! We love every square inch of the addition. I cannot tell you how wonderful each room is. Thanks again.'' Blessings, Christina Z. V. Christina V., Ashburn, VA
“I just wanted to thank you both for the outstanding work you did in my home! My wife and I are very particular consumers and we have had plenty of work done in our home. We have NEVER been as satisfied!” Ted H., Leesburg, VA
“Your recommendations, planning, explanations and quality of work were truly outstanding.”
Two years ago my wife and I embarked on a dream to expand our little 999 sq. ft. bungalow in Leesburg, Virginia. An 87 year old house with needed repairs and the prospect of a two-story addition was a daunting challenge.

Having built a two-story garage several years ago, we found multiple project bids to be very close in price and the process of selecting a builder was our major obstacle. We had decided a “design-builder” sans architect made a lot of sense financially. We also needed someone to be able to think outside the box in adding space to an old house without losing its charm.

A very good friend recommended we speak with Matt Bowe. After an initial one hour visit with Matt, we couldn’t believe this first impression was having us abandon any ideas of competitive bidding. Our subsequent meeting with Matt only confirmed our suspicions that we had found our builder. Matt took us to 3 or 4 job sites. Without exception homeowners were waiting to show-off their home projects. The genuine reception at each visit was more like welcoming back family. We were impressed with the quality of the work but even more importantly the rapport that Matt had established with the clients.

Matt was incredibly up front and we were warned from the beginning that any building project will have its ups and downs, but we were assured that, always, there will be no surprises and there will be constant communication.

Neighbors still stop by and remark how impressed they are with our addition and the subtle cleanliness of the work site throughout the project. What we anticipated to be an emotional roller coaster and a disruption to our daily lives for 6 months was neither. Every step of the way we were advised of delivery schedules, progress reports and detailed cost analysis. Incredibly almost everything happened exactly on schedule. There was not one problem that Allan was unable to work out to our satisfaction and in most cases his creativity and suggestions were the reason we had so few problems. Together we adjusted to stay on budget along the way.

When anyone walks in our house we shout their praises loudly. We feel indeed fortunate that we now have an incredibly comfortable home of which we are exceedingly proud, but more importantly we have established a bond and friendship that will last a life time.

Butch K, Leesburg, VA
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