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Founding Mission
Supplying the best and most efficient construction services. Providing the full spectrum of construction services – general construction, construction management, program management, corporate services, etc. Satisfying clients throughout the United States and beyond. Excelling as the nation’s top general contractor in results. The traditional commitments of the construction professional takes on new significance every day in sync with the dynamics of the industry. MICON stays a step ahead of these rapid changes and client demands, which is why it remains one of the most sought-after firms in the industry.

MICON’s philosophy is to build a company capable of handling large, complex, and demanding construction projects for many diversified clients; and exceed the quality expected, within the required timeframe, and specified budget.

Experience: This is the measure of a contractor. It is the knowledge gained through the process of pulling together the diverse elements of engineering, procurement, implementation, project control, safety and quality control, thereby turning concepts to substance, and dreams into reality. MICON’s experience, in all these facets and much more, is broad and deep, extending back for many years and covering a diverse range of projects.

MICON is endowed with the unique ability of providing every project with the right know-how in terms of knowledge, personnel and specialized skills. Our reach is unbeatable.

Micon's Ethics and Standards
A successful construction project is impossible without a well planned safety effort. Whatever the project size, sufficient time and effort must be devoted to planning and executing the project safely. Safety is a top priority on every Micon project. We are committed to continuous improvement in safety throughout the company. Reducing worker’s compensation rates by 75% since 2001 proves that the people working for Micon know up front what is expected during the course of a project. Our goal is to achieve an accident free project and an accident free company.

Micon believes that a successful project is the culmination of a well coordinated team effort. This involves Micon, the architect, the subcontractors and the client. Our team effort approach to projects always result in a win-win situation.

Client Satisfaction
At MICON, owner/client satisfaction is always the goal. This is possible because our employees are: Resourceful Team players who understand the effect of having everybody on board to ensure the success of each project; Flexible in meeting unique challenges; Proficient in providing quality, on- schedule and within budget construction services with emphasis on safety.

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