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Ponderosa Builders was founded on the principles of quality workmanship, on-time delivery, professional and courteous customer service, and completing projects on budget. Our guiding principles are based on age old wisdoms of “Treat others as you would want to be treated” and “Do it right the first time”. These wisdoms, although seemingly basic, are traits that set our company apart from our competition. The first wisdom we treat two fold. The obvious interpretation is treating others is a professional, respectful and courteous manner. The second interpretation that we use is in terms of our construction practices. We complete every project with the quality that we would expect in our own homes. The second wisdom again is seemingly obvious but crucial to our success. By completing our work correctly the first time, we keep our projects running smoothly from start to finish, avoid unwarranted additional costs and costly delays for our clients as well as our business. These guiding principles stand at the core of our business and will stand to always direct and motivate our team members.
Ponderosa Builders of North Florida, Inc. is a Florida State certified Building contractor operating under the direction of its owner and President Steve B. Kimmel, since the late 1970’s. Ponderosa works on commercial as well as residential projects of all different sizes. Ponderosa completes projects of new construction, additions, renovations and remodels and can confidently complete any project that our clients bring to us.
Ponderosa utilizes its years of experience and the knowledge of its team members to successfully complete every project. Educating our clients is part of the process. With the ever adapting industry, new products that offer more and more solutions to common building issues are made available. We like to stay on the cutting edge with these new technologies as Ponderosa believes in responsible building for the future of our society and ultimately the world. By reducing waste for our landfills, increasing R-values which reduce the energy bills of our clients, and providing stronger, safer structures Ponderosa provides ever increasing value to our customers. We offer you the opportunity to meet with us and discuss your next project to see how our company can make your project a success.

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