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Sustana Homes is the premier San Francisco Bay Area residential construction-consulting firm.

We offer a full suite of construction consulting services to assist you with your home building project. Today’s residential home building market offers a vast array of construction methods and styles. Sustana Homes can assist you with any of them. Sustana Homes wants to help you build your home, but we also want to make sure we do it in the most practical, efficient and sustainable manner possible.

Having extensive experience in building modular homes, Sustana Homes can easily guide you through the modular process. Although modular construction is not a new way of building, it does offer its own unique challenges. Having an experienced team working with you, who understands these challenges, allows you to realize your dream home, on time and on budget.

Whether you have just started your initial building ideas or have chosen your architect, we can help you make your dream a reality.

We understand that building your home may be the first time you undertake a large construction project. Sustana Homes looks forward to providing the guidance needed to ensure your home exceeds your expectations. Our team offers extensive experience in the construction industry, and we pride ourselves on delivering quality services designed to meet your needs.

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