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TAG REAL ESTATE PARTNERS LLC is a boutique design - construction management and entitlement company. And coming in Q4 2015 we will be the only firm to provide online home improvement through a "user-friendly" 3D CAD interface.

With our construction management and design services we provide our clients with personalized design, exceptional customer service, local knowledge and comprehensive project supervision to ensure an unparalleled end product.

Luxury is created not through opulence, but rather in allowing the home to capture the simple things that life has to offer like a bay view framed within a space, the sound of running water or the natural light that plays off the texture of the wall. It is these elements that create the moments that truly bring each space to life.

Having TAG REAL ESTATE PARTNERS LLC as a single point of contact allows for cohesiveness of every aspect of the project and also maintains a high standard of quality control that begins with the trades people and consultants and continues all the way through to the materials and workmanship to allow the client peace of mind in knowing that they are getting the best.

TAG REAL ESTATE PARTNERS LLC was founded by Michael L. Armanini and has been developing luxury homes, facilitating land entitlements and providing construction management in Silicon Valley and the Bay Area of Northern California since 1985.

2015 is going to be our standout year with the integration of our 3D CAD online home improvement for DIY homeowners seeking prices for materials, labor, permits and financing.......all at their finger tips and at no cost!


Michael L. Armanini
President & CEO

"The personal touches that are associated with developing and selling homes are a much forgotten element in today's market. While running the day to day business practices of our company I am able to provide an endurinig commitment to all aspects of a project or transaction that the property owner may not expect."

Genna Leone Armanini
Principal / Marketing Director

"With utilization of many media markets we are able to place our clients projects and or homes in front of every web-related site."

Christian Ruffat
Senior Architect

"Design is the foundation of a home that provides the homeowner their personal identity. I have dedicated my career to serving every need of the client. At TAG Real Estate Partners, I strive for excellence and nothing else."

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2648 Graceland Avenue, San Carlos Hills California 2648 Graceland Avenue, San Carlos Hills California
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