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What Clients Are Saying About US Modular Inc.
Thank you Abe Ferreira of US Modular and the Skyline Homes crew for opening up the factory and providing such a wonderful opportunity for prospective clients. Everyone involved in the process; beginning with checking in, ending with the “real world” walk through of a complete model and all points between, was courteous, professional and clearly invested in their ability to provide a comfortable, safe and quality product. Expecially impressive was that the needs of those of us participating in the tour seem to have been predicted. There was someone to answer every question from price difference to inspection protocol to financing. Abe even had names of Realtors in my area. True, one stop shopping!

Toni Chaney

Toni Chaney
US Modular (USM) achieved our dream house. Recently retired, we wanted a beautiful, spacious and functional home to live out the rest of our lives overlooking San Diego’s Mission Bay. We were very specific and demanding. We wanted an environmentally friendly and ADA compliant home that takes full advantage of the Mission Bay view and the San Diego coastal climate. The wide open floor plan we proposed however entailed connecting large indoor living areas with large outdoor living areas which presented some serious engineering obstacles. USM graciously offered several cost saving alternatives that we appreciated but they did not achieve the spacious feeling we desired. At their own expense, USM researched alternative structural materials and engineering designs and came up with a means that accomplished all of our objectives. We are absolutely thrilled with the final design and look forward to living out the rest of our lives in the dream house we envisioned.

Thank you US Modular.

Jack & Joni

San Diego, CA
Jack & Joni
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