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Roofing, Masonry and Moisture Control Repairs that Work since 2012

We fix wet buildings. No band-aids – permanent fixes to the source of the problem – trapped moisture. WickRight Vapor Release Systems create a healthy balance of weather proofing and ventilation that help restore wet buildings to their original safe and healthy state.

Thousands of wet masonry buildings in the Chicago area and across the country are built in a manner that makes them susceptible to absorbing water and growing mold. Masonry buildings with flat roofs and parapet walls absorb and trap gallons of water in the walls and roof system. We have found that Split Face Block buildings typically have the most damage.

Trapped water breeds mold which causes structural damage and respiratory illnesses. Preventing and repairing water damage and mold growth early is the key to avoiding expensive repairs and compromised health.

WickRight Services include:
• Repair Design & Consultation
• Moisture Vapor Control Installation
• Leak Detection
• Roof Repair & Replacement
• Masonry Repairs & Sealing
• Carpentry
• General Contracting for Restoration, Remodeling and New Construction

What Clients Are Saying About WickRight General Contracting LLC
''I have, personally, seen WickRight systems installed on a number of buildings and find it to be one of the most innovative construction products, ever. It solves both the problems of flashing and venting, all in one.'' Will Decker – Decker Home Services
''No one could have convinced me 15 years ago that I'd ever find this type of water damage in new buildings. The number of leaking and water damaged buildings is mind boggling, and it doesn't matter if it is an inexpensive condominium building or a high end multi-million dollar home. Huge numbers of buildings in the Chicago area were constructed incorrectly. They leak, and they're everywhere.
New buildings have huge amounts of plastic materials, they don't ''breath.'' Even if there isn't any visible damage, there can be serious problems brewing. In addition, indoor air quality is greatly effected by moisture hidden in the walls causing mold growth.
No one knows more about this stuff than WickRight. They've opened up more buildings and repaired those problems better than anyone. They developed a unique approach to a complicated problem and have a solid track record with documented results. No other repair systems even come close to WickRight.
I have witnessed ''waterproofing contractors'' promise results that never materialize and essentially rip off consumers with false claims and techniques that ignore established building science. Owning a building with water problems is bad enough; but spending thousands of dollars on ''repairs'' that don't work and leave you with the same problem and a depleted bank account is much worse.
I've seen the WickRight systems work, and I recommend it to anyone that is having moisture related problems with their building.
Kurt Mitenbuler - Mitenbuler & Associates (Home Inspector)
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