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AboutWilliamson Remodeling

Your home is undoubtedly your most valuable asset. Maximize the space and value of your home with improvement projects from a company with a history you can trust. Williamson Remodeling provides complete home remodeling, home renovation, and home improvement services in Central Coastal Maine. We listen better, plan better, and build better all while taking your home design ideas from inspiration to completion. Whether you're keeping your existing layout or starting from scratch, we can help you create a comfortable living space that meets your unique needs. Williamson Remodeling offers a full spectrum of remodeling services, from design consultations that can include simple computer generated renderings to get the design process started to material selection, custom cabinetry, electrical, plumbing, and carpentry work. We are committed to providing services to your complete satisfaction. Call us today!

What Clients Are Saying About Howard Williamson
They are very thorough with high quality work! Great enough so while they were here I hired them for another project,an addition on my house! Brian
My sister and I have a summer home that had a kitchen floor covered with orange floor tile, counter tops covered with avocado green linoleum, and kitchen walls covered with orange and avocado green linoleum tiles. The cabinets were well worn, but still un-seable. The kitchen had a double oven that was too small, a propane stove top that had inadequate BTU output, an over sized center island with an orange triple sink and a washer and dryer. There was no maneuvering room and very little counter space. The adjoining den was only large enough for a small sofa and chair. We needed a major renovation of both rooms and had a very limited budget. We needed help. We contacted Howard Williamson at Williamson Remodeling and asked Howard to come help us figure out a possible design. We went over our desire to open up the two rooms, to reuse as much of the cabinetry as possible (to save money), to replace both floors, to remove all the orange and green, to replace the ovens and stove top, to make the island smaller, to move the washer and dryer out of the kitchen (we had no idea where thy could or should go), to eliminate a closet, to move the pantry, to remove the eat-in counter and to put a hardwood laminate floor in both rooms. Howard spent quite a bit of time walking around and thinking and returned 3 or 4 times to measure, to develop options for where to put the washer and dryer, to figure out which cabinets he could re purpose or move, and to figure out what other components he could re-use. When he was finished, he had produced a tentative plan that he reviewed in detail with us. With minor adjustments, his proposal satisfied all of our objectives and most remarkably, he thought he could do it within our budget. We selected the floor, stove, and counter tops we wanted, and proposed that we handcraft back splash tiles from our collection of sea glass. Howard agreed to all of this and nailed down a price that was still within our original budget. After presenting us with a detailed contract with the design, materials, prices and schedules, he started work. The job required significant, very precise work to re purpose cabinets, to enlarge an existing closet to house the washer and dryer, to cut down the size of the island, to build a new closet and pantry, to lay the floor, to install the counter tops, and to install our sea-glass tiles. Howard could do it all. He is a very perceptive, ingenious and insightful designer. I doubt if anyone other than Howard would have taken the time (at no cost to us) to figure out how to reuse as much of the existing kitchen materials or where to relocate the washer and dryer without adding significant expense to the project. He is a skilled craftsman, able to produce a precise, finished product. He is a good manager, able to keep his staff engaged, to have materials delivered on time, and to effectively coordinate his subcontractors. He is patient and will work tirelessly to figure out what is wanted and to figure out ways to meet those desires within a budget. He is trustworthy. Much of his work was done in our house when we weren't there and he expended significant effort to keep the dust down and to protect our household possessions. And he is reliable and kept on schedule and within budget. The outcome was spectacular. The kitchen is more un-seable, the space is more attractive, the den has almost twice the un-seable space and it flows nicely from the kitchen. We couldn't be happier. We never dreamed that we could end up with as nice a kitchen and den as we got for the money we had available. Howard's work was truly amazing. We couldn't recommend him more highly and would hire him again in a heartbeat. He is truly one of a kind. Stephen F. in Bethlehem, PA
Williamson Remodeling does high quality work. They were honest, professional, respectful of my home -- cleaning up every day and stayed right on schedule. I am thrilled with their beautiful work and wouldn't hesitate to hire them for another project. Tracy P. in Wiscasset, ME
I have no reservations in recommending Williamson Remodeling for any home remodeling needs. Howard transformed my kitchen to a state of the art multipurpose area. I first met with Howard to explain what I wanted for the project and within one day he provided me with a detailed plans that included everything I wanted. He then took the time to go through every detail of the project to ensure that we had a shared understanding of the job. Howard developed a clear timeline that he and his workers adhered to. Throughout the process, Howard would update me with his progress and inform me of his next steps. Howard was also understanding and flexible when I made additional requests. I enjoyed working with Howard due to his thorough construction knowledge, clear communication, flexibility, high quality work, and good sense of humor. Howard’s services exceeded our expectations and I will definitely contact him for my future contracting needs. Nora in Boothbay ME
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