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What Clients Are Saying About BROM Builders, Inc
''I feel fortunate to have a company like BROM serving our community. I selected BROM because of their incredible business ethic, their commitment to quality work and attitude regarding customer satisfaction. What a joyful experience it has been to work with BROM .... They put the customer in the driving seat and work with them. No other builder does that .... The relationship with BROM does not end with finishing project. You have personally helped us with our questions and projects around the house beyond the BROM building project which is immensely appreciated.''
Yahya & Sophie Q.
''We just love our new custom rebuild ranch! ... We are still amazed by the timeline of events from the time we purchased our new home location, until move-in was only 10 months. That's taking down the existing house, leveling the land, and foundation, etc. Completing of the project came in more than a month ahead of time.'' Tracy & Kevin R.
One of my biggest concerns was the cost. I had always heard ''plan at least 20 percent more.'' It wasn't that way. Everything you said you would do was done; and, at the cost you stated! There were no hiddens. Mary D
''Initially I came to BROM looking to remodel my existing home, an old house with a lot of problems, but in time, along with good advice from BROM Builders, we realized it might not be worthwhile and went with a completely new house .... The workmanship, planning and scheduling, productivity, attention to detail, and final product have been excellent and I'm sure second to none.'' Sandra C.
''We would like to thank all of you for our beautiful new home .... And to get it completed within our tight [time] frame with hammer laws, hurricanes, and blizzards was phenomenal!'' Elaine & Preston C.
''We looked at a number of builders and products and spent some time as a BROM 'groupie' attending many open houses prior to making our choice. We were impressed by the quality and options available as well as by the comments from everyone we talked to about BROM Builders .... We would certainly recommend BROM to anyone thinking about building a house.'' Ron and Barbara F.
''Never having been through the process of building a home from scratch, we have nothing to compare our experience with, but what we do know is the service, advice and hand-holding you provided was top notch. We thank you ... for the professionalism, understanding, patience and care you all took to make sure we really did build our dream home.'' Wayne & Aimee A.
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