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About Ganga Westlands & Associates Ltd

Mr. Ganga Harripersad

The founder and pioneer of Ganga West Lands & Associates Limited Mr. Ganga Harripersad brings with us over twelve (12) years of technical and management experience to our management team. Mr. Ganga Harripersad was employed by Bristow Helicopters as an Aircraft Radio Operator followed by aircraft engineering course in both rotary and fixed wing on site, from both local and foreign tutors. Mr. Ganga Harripersad is a Certified System Aircraft Mechanic of Bombardier. He was employed at Bombardier in a Supervisory level in assembling of Bombardier Global Express Corporate Jets and assembly of the CRJ200Series/DASH-8 Series Aircrafts. He also holds the WHIMS Certification of Canada. Mr. Harripersad work on residential and commercial properties through the insurance industry and buildings restoration. Mr. Harripersad worked in the Construction industry in both Canada and England for over 15 years.
Mr. Harripersad is known to all as a globe trotter extending cultural adaptation from Panama, Guyana, Venezuela, North American Cities, United Kingdom, Dominica, Martinique, St. Lucia and St. Vincent. In his travels he had associations with Business Link of UK, the Consortium of Business in the Panama Canal. Guyana, the Forestry Department/Commissioner of Forestry. In North America, Provincial Bye-laws in Building Code.
He commands a dedicated staff which reflects his inter-personal and communication skills. To oversee the success of Ganga West Lands & Associates Limited Mr. Ganga Harripersad will dedicate his skills with his dedicated staff on all projects to completion