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Shawn and the guys made this process as smooth as possible. They really made my family feel comfortable,like we were their family. Shawn's commitment to quality is evident in their final product. We would recommend them time & again. Paul Dacey
I selected 3 contractors from Angie's List. When I meet a contractor, the first thing I look for is whether I can work with a guy. I was impressed most by Integrity's owner, Shawn. He was the easiest of the 3 to talk to, and although all 3 contractors discussed the job in terms of 3 phases, Shawn was the most forthcoming with discussing risks, potential obstacles, and possible alternative solutions. This continued throughout the project; whenever something came up, Shawn would stop, talk to me about a problem, then suggest how we could solve it as well as alternatives regarding time, material, and other costs. Shawn was very transparent about the work and held very high standards. He's focused on customer satisfaction and he's the kind of guy that cares that his name will be associated with the work performed. After I hired Shawn I met his foreman, Skip. Like Shawn, Skip is a very affable and capable guy, an excellent carpenter, and handles the crew well.

I was also impressed with the level of detail and transparency that Shawn would share with regard to estimates, progress and costs. Not all of the contractors I spoke to wanted to divulge details to the extent that I'd hoped for. One even said to me that if I wanted that level of information that it would inflate costs because of the ''extra'' overhead. Shawn detailed all material costs and quantities as well as labor costs and backed the numbers up with receipts.

Shawn is an excellent communicator. Besides phone conversations, Shawn uses email very effectively to pass on information and documentation of all aspects of the job. Response time is outstanding, far better than any other contractor I've ever hired.

Shawn is an excellent supervisor. The job required several contractors and suppliers; coordinating their work and keeping the job going. I was at home during most of the project and this part of the job was like herding cats. All of the work performed by Integrity as well as sub-contractors was excellent.

Customer satisfaction is clearly at the heart of Integrity's business philosophy. The project was actually completed (and paid for) in January 2015. The Boston snows of February 2015 set records, and as a result some minor flaws were exposed because the weather was so extreme. Integrity returned to my project in the spring and fixed everything, once again to my satisfaction. I'd also like add that after the project was completed the house was so tight that my heating bill declined 33%.
If I have other building or remodeling needs I will contact Integrity in a heartbeat
Edward Rayner- North Andover
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