Whether you are wanting a simple little place in the suburbs to call home or a multi-million dollar house on the hill, Kinston Southern properties has successfully completed numerous projects ranging from the affordable family dwelling to the extravagant mansion equipped with the bells and whistles you’d expect. Great people and proven processes that can be scaled to fit your lifestyle are two keys to a successful construction project (that is, one that hits deadlines on schedule and satisfies customer expectations). Bobby Cronan assembles a solid team of sub-contractors he knows to be just as trustworthy as he is.

What Clients Are Saying About Kinston Southern Properties, LLC
We first met Bobby in the fall of 2006 while in the process of searching for a home; then
the subsequent purchase of one of the several homes he had under construction in the
subdivision. When approached and questioned he was very forth right and honest. I
observed my present home being built and witnessed some of the interactions between
Bobby, his team and his subcontractors. He worked with us until we sold our previous
home and closed on our existing house in February 2007. It was a very enjoyable
experience during which we got to know and appreciate Bobby and his team (his dad,
Bob and his wife, Shaleigh).
In April 2008 after considerable thought about building a new home and a lot of talking
to Bobby about the ins and outs we contracted with him to build our new home. The
biggest reason for doing this came from our previous experience with Bobby and the trust
and rapport we established with him and his team.
Bobby conducts himself and his business in a very professional and business like manner.
He is extremely honest, hard working and conscientious in his attention to details from
his presence on the job site (daily) to his experience as a General Contractor in building
homes and overseeing the work of his subcontractors. He is experienced, knowledgeable
and qualified in all aspects from the basic additions and remodeling of a home to the
construction of a new home to the building and maintenance of commercial properties.
He is conservative when and where he needs to be. He achieves this by seeking out the
best products and services available not by cutting corners or quality of workmanship.
His personality and open mindedness allows him to work and interact with a number of
personalities in order to get the job done right with little or no confrontations. He is
open to other opinions and is willing to change. When problems do arise he works
through them in a timely manner. After the competition of projects, when problems come
up, they are resolved to everyone’s satisfaction
As we look back now, after the completion of our new home, we can say that Bobby and
his team are the best contractor team that can and will satisfy all requirements.
Bill and Sandy Dintsch
We would like to share our wonderful experience regarding Kinston Southern Properties,
particularly with Bobby and Shaleigh Cronan. My husband and I felt an immediate bond
with them. They are two of the nicest people we know plus they are very professional
and trustworthy. Working with them greatly reduced any anxiety we had with such a
large and expensive project and they guided us to make excellent choices. It would be
difficult to find better people.
Our experience was a little unique because we were living in Louisiana. We had
purchased some land and looked at houses for sale plus browsed through hundreds of
house plans before selecting an “ideal” floor plan. The first time talking with Bobby and
Shaleigh, we were impressed with their charm and patience. We toured a couple of
homes they built and, unexpectedly, we fell in love with one of them. As soon as we
walked in, both my husband and I knew that was the house design for us.
In March 2009, after many trips back and forth, our plans were finalized. Bobby
suggested changes he thought would improve the design, which I was grateful for
because his suggestions were perfect. Whenever he had a question or suggestion, he
didn’t hesitate to call and discuss it. Since we were 500 miles away, every week or so we
received pictures of the progress. Those pictures were the highlight of our week. Over
the months, we got to know Bobby and Shaleigh even better, felt totally at ease and
trusted them completely. During the construction, we never felt the need to visit or check
on anything. In fact the first time we saw our house was right before the act of sale.
Everything was perfect and nicer than we expected.
Bobby’s eye for detail and Shaleigh’s eye for decorating are extraordinary. Their
personalities and genuine goodness complete an unbeatable combination and outstanding
team. We highly recommend them without hesitation.
Rudy and Jane Bergeron
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