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About Us and Benefits of your Local Builders Group

Local Builders Group brings together Local Builders, Local Wholesale suppliers to benefit local Projects owners.

Your local area will have its Local Builder group, contact us to direct you, if you cannot locate them

Key Benefits
1. Local Builders with track records
2. All works promised is guaranteed by our insurance and localness to you
3. We register all local builders, local jobs,pays, regulate, inspect and guarantee work done
1. Register your local job we find local builder, inspect work and pay them
2. Register here if you are a local builder
3. Register here if you are a local landlord
4. We manage, maintain local properties

Recent Projects
Cheynes Edgware Projects Cheynes Edgware Projects
Wintre Road Borehamwood Project Wintre Road Borehamwood Project
What Clients Are Saying About Local Builders Group
The most difficult thing as a landlord is finding a good builder when you need one. Everyone you meet need your work and you cannot try them before using them. When things go wrong they abandon you immediately and move on to other jobs. How do you track them, if you spend them chasing them you are losing too, but all they have is their van and promises... Local Builder Group is a great idea Home Owner Stanmore
All builders want half money for the job even before they start the job, which profession on earth do people get paid before they carry out a job?. I will have confidence giving my work to a local builders group that I know they all everything to loose if they get it wrong with me or anyone else Shah
Builders I contacted on line took control of my whole life. A job which should have taken three weeks lasted for 6 months and even after 6 court appearances the builders declared bankrupt and i was left with triple bill of my work, my time and legal cost. I can see how Local Builders Group could have helped me Rachael
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