As a modern-day master builder, INPROS is more than just a residential and commercial construction general contractor. We’re the single contractor in South Florida that is contractually responsible for delivering on all aspects of your project’s design, engineering and construction. The INPROS approach features a full team dedicated to producing results that meet customers’ needs. Rather than working with separate entities, the property owner enjoys a unified design-construct team working together on his or her behalf with single-source responsibility. Finally a solution that keeps your project on time and on budget. We thrive on stretching the expectations of our clients.

While many remodel firms describe themselves as design/build companies, the INPROS process is truly unique in the industry. The simplified definition of “design build” is that one organization is responsible for both the design and the construction of a project. With our unified team of South Florida architects, designers and construction professionals, INPROS elevates the design build process to a whole new level. Simply put, the INPROS experience replaces old ways with a system that integrates accountability and consistency.

The challenge of having to deal with several contractors and consultants during your remodel is eliminated when you work with INPROS. Designs, material selection, project feedback, budgeting, permitting, scheduling, are all streamlined for you, making the remodeling process much simpler and more enjoyable. INPROS establishes long lasting relationships with our clients. We have found that working together to build a unique and special home creates friendships that will last a lifetime.

Working with INPROS Means…

• Single-Source Responsibility
• Exceptional Quality
• Efficiencies in Time and Productivity
• Lower Overall Costs
• Accelerated Building Occupation

INPROS: Innovative Professionals Professional Organizations
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