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What Clients Are Saying About OnARock Homes LLC
Great Work! Kathy
''The previous 'Roofers' had done a horrific WAY below acceptable job of 'fixing' our roof (before we owned our home). There was a 4 ft hole under the shingles, no bracing for the trusses in the garage, rotten boards that were not up to code, and 4 layers of shingles. I now have a solid roof, one that won't fall in on me and one that doesn't leak. The guys did a fabulous job bringing my roof up- to- code and stabilizing it. The crew was friendly and answered my questions and explained what was happening with the roof. The Project Manager was prompt in returning my phone calls and always polite. I was given a start date and a potential end date, all depending on the weather in the middle of winter. Now I have a slightly larger bill, but a roof that is solid.'' Karen H. in Twin Falls, ID
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