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What Clients Are Saying About Portland Development Group LLC
I purchased a new craftsman style home built by Portland Development Group in May of 2013. The building itself is built like a vault. There is no give in the flooring anywhere on either the first or second floors. My neighbor lives in an identical home built at the same time. His inspector said that the substructure is built to a higher standards than equivalent new homes he has inspected. My inspector and one of my neighbors who witnessed construction both said that the insulation provided is packed tighter with more of it than in most new homes.

The layout and interior architecture of the home are extremely well designed. The use of space on both floors is well thought out for the purpose of each room. I like to entertain, and the formal dining room, large living room, and kitchen are just right for evening dinners. I can seat ten people comfortably for dinner. The shelving in the closets is very well designed for maximum use of available space.

The first floor interior strikes the right balance between separation of space and openings for passage of light. The windows are thoughtfully placed, and I have strong light throughout the house all day, with light passing through one room to another. At the same time, it is not an open floor plan, and all rooms are clearly delineated from each other, which is my preference.

Many of my friends have walked through the door for the first time and said ''This is a beautiful home.''

I wish that PDG had put wood surrounds on the windows and doors on all sides of the house. They are on the front. It makes the illusion near complete that this is a restored 1910 craftsman home. There are no surrounds on the windows on the sides and back, which takes something away from the illusion.

PDG was prompt and thorough in addressing all items on my inspection punch list and the few warranty issues that arose after moving in. I felt that there were a few too many items on my initial punch list. For example, several outlets needed rewiring at the outlet to function correctly. But PDG addressed everything promptly, thoroughly and courteously. And all of the issues were well within the range of what is normally expected within the first year in a new home.

A job very well done. The home was one of the best designs of the many similar craftsman homes I looked at prior to putting my money down on this one. I took a second look at some of the ones I liked the best with the lead sheets I had saved from each. There is no question I was fortunate to secure this home, because it looked liked I purchased the best of the lot for my particular needs.
Tom A.
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