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AboutTimbercrest Builders

TIMBERCREST BUILDERS services the Pocono Mountains, Northeast Pennsylvania's Lake Region, NEPA and surrounding areas.

Our team strives to provide customers and home buyers with the very best experience and a stress-free understanding of the home building process. From the beginning, our design professionals assist our customers in building a new home, putting on an addition, or upgrading and renovating an existing home.

We believe the process of building a home should be just as exciting, satisfying, and rewarding as moving into your new home. Our all-inclusive process enables customers to build a superior home, enlarge current home, or create additional spaces at a price that is within their budget.

What Clients Are Saying About Timbercrest Builders
It is with great pleasure that I write this referral of Paul Szostak, Annie Grill and the team at Timbercrest Builders.

We engaged Paul and Annie in September 2016 for a bathroom remodel. Their mission? Design an aesthetically beautiful space that meets our needs, budget AND is completed within a quoted 6-week time frame? THEY DELIVERED!

From Annie’s patience in guiding us through choosing the design elements, to Paul’s meticulous installation work every detail was taken care of. Tradespeople were all highly qualified professionals who obviously take pride in their work. Both Paul and Annie had a knack for noticing things that, to their eyes, were “not quite right” and had them taken care of quickly. When we did point out something or had a question it was taken very seriously and rectified to our complete satisfaction. And, to top it off, completing the project included a cleaning crew who left not a speck of dust in the newly refurbished bathroom and adjacent bedroom!

We are thrilled with our new master bath and I would not hesitate to have Timbercrest take on other projects for us. I’m very happy to recommend them.


Maryjane L. Baer
Maryjane Baer
I would be happy to answer your questions as I know the position you are in and how valuable independent, unbiased reviews are.

The first thing we did was contact five of the top recommended home contractors in the area (as determined by internet research, BBB inquiry's and of course, local word of mouth). While most were knowledgeable about their profession, Paul was the best at conveying his expertise to us. He was also very helpful and astute in his recommendations and took the time to explain or elaborate things we did not understand or that needed to be clarified. He was also very prompt in his responses back to us either by email or phone, which is something most of his competitors were lacking. We also liked the fact that he is a local businessman and resident with ties to the community. And finally, he was more than willing to do the same thing with us that he is doing with you: give past customers as references and showed us some of the other homes he had built in the area.

Paul has a very good eye for what works in a given area. He was able to visualize our conceptions and translate that in to an actual architectural drawing that we were then able to “tweak” as necessary. This was invaluable. Paul was very hands-on throughout the entire build, which was refreshing to see. Likewise, his men were all very good at what they do. Throughout the entire build, I would faithfully go there every weekend to inspect and I don’t honestly recall finding any problems or things that were wrong. Certainly, there were some issues but Paul addressed these things as they came up, typically without having to be told to do it. Again, that was refreshing.

As far as I’m concerned, he really didn’t have any weak areas that I was aware of. He only used good, reliable subs for the things he didn’t do himself. All the materials he is used were of the best quality, fit and finish. I felt like he was in control of everything on the project at all times and when asked a question, always had an answer at the ready.

We did in fact make quite a few changes/alterations as the construction progressed. Again, Paul was always easy to reach and quick to respond with a price or an answer to a question. He also was diligent in providing clear, concise written proposals for everything he did, which made it easy to keep track of the change orders we accepted or declined.

The building process (once started) went smooth and as planned. There were some initial delays due to bureaucratic township issues, but this was out of Paul’s control. I would say that , for the most part, he adhered to the time frame that he said he would and there was never a lull in the construction process.

We are extremely pleased that we chose Paul and Timbercrest to build our home. We would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. In fact, we were so pleased with him we gave him to my brother who also used Paul when they had a summer modular home installed for them. They too were quite pleased with the outcome. We give Timbercrest a 5 out of 5 star rating.

One thing you should bear in mind, he was not the cheapest. His price was in the middle, maybe more to the high end of the spectrum. However, as I am construction contractor in NYC myself I can attest to the fact that when it comes to new construction, you most definitely get what you pay for. Beware the cheap prices, you only get one chance to build it right and in that light, I think his prices are fair and reasonable. You will not be disappointed with the finished product when they get done. Our home is beautiful and one of a kind and we couldn’t be happier.

Yours truly,

Gregg J. Luchese
Gregg Luchese
“Building a new home can be a very stressful experience, unless you have a company like Timbercrest Builders. After hearing many horror stories from people, we have been amazed at how positive and stress-free our home building experience has been with Paul Szostak – President of Timbercrest - and his Design Assistant, Annie Grill. This “dynamic duo” dovetail beautifully in both their many years of construction experience and in the comprehensive skill set they offer to their clients.
Paul has an amazing mind for all aspects of construction detail, efficiency, and building codes, while Annie enhances the team with equally strong administrative gifts and design ability. They understand that even with blueprints, building someone’s home is an “organic” process so they are always willing to make suggestions as the process unfolds, yet also gracious if those suggestions are not taken. They are responsive to Emails, calls, &/or texts, and always thorough in their communication. They are also very patient in answering questions or adjusting to the unexpected changes made by either Mother Nature or by clients. In fact, the very positive attitude they both bring to the job makes working with them a real joy. For Paul and Annie, you are not just a client but rather part of their team, working together to make your dream house a reality.
On a personal note, Paul is a man of great integrity and honesty; he is a man you can trust to give you the best work for the best price. Annie also has these same virtues, plus she is not only discerning in design but also a delight to work with- supportive and encouraging. Under their continuous and careful attention to details, our new lake home will not only be beautiful inside and out, but its construction both safe and sustainable. Timbercrest Builders offers you exceptional quality at an honest price; we highly recommend them.”
Dale & Miriam Rodlyn Park
Milford PA
Dale & Rodlyn Park
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