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Sean DeNard
About Tin Roof Construction

Tin Roof Construction offers a "Best Price" guarantee!! It's pretty simple really. Lots of builders do great work, we're not really unique in that regard. We believe what truly sets us apart is our "Process". A process that allows us to offer a "Best Price" guarantee! People want to do business with people they like and trust and NOT make decisions based SOLELY on price. Sure, we all want the best price but who wouldn't also like to do business with the builder that they connect with, like his ideas, trust his character, are impressed with his subcontractors and by his complete and thorough estimates and presentation of the material etc, etc…
Many times people are forced to take a lower priced builder over one they trusted! That is a huge risk and can sometimes be a huge mistake! Listen to your instincts! We eliminate the need for anyone to have to pick a builder based on the price. If you like us and our ideas and our "process" then our promise is that we will work with you as long as it takes to design a project around a budget that you feel comfortable will give you the level of quality that you're looking for. Whether that be exploring alternative materials from multiple sources, or even multiple quotes from different subcontractors. In the end, that will honestly be the "Best Price"! After that, it's all about creating you a "Great Space"!

What Clients Are Saying About Sean DeNard
''Sean and his team surpassed our expectations in every aspect of the job. Our home looks and feels like new! We appreciate the quality craftsmanship and the time they took to make sure everything was done correctly.'' Steve Denson
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