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About Vinland Homes

Vinland Homes doesn’t just build houses, we build homes. Through our unique and efficient building model, we’re able to build beautiful new homes with exceptional quality, floor plans that speak to you, and attractive upgrades—all at affordable prices. Isn’t it time you stopped paying someone else’s mortgage, and started building your future in your own home? Vinland Homes builds its success by building homes in communities that people want to live in, communities that are rich in amenities such as playgrounds, trails, sporting areas, shopping, and dining.

Whether it’s your first time building a home or your tenth, we take special pride in meeting your unique needs. Whatever you desire in a home from simple to very complex, we can get it done for you as we believe in a hands-on approach to the home building process. We continually strive to be innovators in our industry, constantly focusing on ways to improve the home you live in and the experience on the road to get there.

Your home is a reflection of who you are, a place to grow with your family and to entertain your friends, a place to retreat to at the end of the day. Whether you have a house plan ready, ideas that need to be put to paper, or no idea at all, we will walk with you from start to finish. We have an eye for even the smallest details and are passionate about bringing you a finished product we can both be proud of. Simply put, we love building homes. Because of this, we work hard to meet your needs, and we listen to what you, the customer wants. We accept changes or customizations you want during construction, and we encourage new ideas.

A home is the most important investment you will ever make, and we don’t take that lightly. It is our policy that all our activities be conducted with the highest standard of honesty, and professionalism. We set the highest standards for caring for our Customers, Employees, and our Community, and we are committed to always doing the right thing for the right reason, and approaching each day with the highest integrity. With us you’re getting a family owned building company dedicated to you; and in our pursuit of extraordinary homes, we only work with extraordinary sub-contractors, and if subs can’t give us, and you, their very best every day, we don’t work with them. It takes a special sub to work for us, and many don’t make the cut.

We continually seek the feedback of all clients, we want to know when we did something right, and when we made a mistake, so that we can fix it and become even better in the future. Our mission in life and business is the continual pursuit of improvement every single day; and we strive to do the extraordinary for you, our client, to make the home building process more enjoyable. Your experience also doesn’t stop at closing, we’re here for you for the long term. It’s about going above and beyond the superior standards and exceptional service that you expect from us.

At Vinland, we believe in what we do because fundamentally, our business is about Dreams – the Dreams of you, of home ownership, of experiencing a living environment better than anything you’ve experienced thus far.

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